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The “Digestion Miracle”
from Europe that Does What Probiotics, Laxatives and Colon Cleansers Can’t!

How can you say goodbye to digestive problems, constipation, gas, upset stomach, loose stools, and irregular bowel movements – without changing your diet?

stomach-pain What if you could eat whatever you like… dairy products, spicy and fatty foods, meats, seafood, sweets, or even forbidden foods—and STOP suffering from flatulence, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn, acid reflux, irregularity and other digestive issues?

Dear Friend,

For the first time ever, American doctors have revealed an advanced digestion formula, which might “seem” like a new discovery to you.

But the truth is, it has been used daily by Europeans for over 60 years, and it’s breaking all the records because it has brought digestive relief to countless people when nothing else worked.

This “digestion miracle” has been confirmed by medical science to dramatically reduce digestive distress FAST … because it starts to work well BEFORE the real trouble starts in your colon.

Independent clinical tests show this all-natural formula does what probiotics, enzymes and colon cleansers can never do for you.

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Although digestion problems may be marginalized as being just inconvenient or embarrassing, the symptoms may actually point to much more serious issues.

You see, physicians already know what may be the real medical reason behind digestive problems. That’s why they don’t just recommend probiotics or colon cleansers alone. The fact is, you can do all the colon cleansing you want, and flood your body with high doses of probiotics — but your major digestion problems may still never go away.

The truth is that they’ll only get WORSE over time. Then, one day soon, your colon may get so clogged that every single organ of your body will be dangerously at risk. Why? Because your stomach is your largest digestive organ. Your liver is your largest digestive gland. And when it comes to your colon, here is what nobody is telling you: once your digestive waste reaches your colon, digestion is done!

By then, it’s TOO LATE to fix the problem with a colon cleanser, or even with millions or billions of probiotics.

By that point, rotting feces and killer toxins may be able to leak out of your colon walls into your bloodstream.

When this toxic mess is circulated throughout your body, every organ, tissue, cell and system of your body is at risk for bigger health problems.

WARNING: Don’t believe everything you see or read in the news about digestive issues. The news media HAS IT ALL WRONG about colon cleansers and probiotics. The real reason you still have bad digestive problem is not because of a probiotic deficiency.


It’s because you’re not digesting your food properly. And doctors know that when both your liver and digestive system slow down, your body begins to SHUT DOWN, too.

At least 27 diverse health problems are linked to undigested foods and toxins, the very same toxins that could be leaking into your bloodstream and organs right now.

So nothing’s going to work well “down there” until you get the problem fixed where it’s starting.

But if all you do is take this "digestion miracle" pill (which I’m about to reveal) 15 minutes before you eat … you can have GOOD DIGESTION by fixing things where the problem starts -- and preventing toxins from piling up in your colon.

Now let me explain something most people don’t know. This “digestion miracle” pill works wonders because it works on all 3 of your body’s digestion zones:


Zone 1

Zone 1 is your stomach, and it is your first chance at proper digestion. Since your stomach is your largest digestive organ, you need a lot of the right digestive juices, like bile, to break down the proteins and fats you eat. This turns them into a liquid called “chyme” (rhymes with “lime”).

Bile is the yellow-green liquid that your liver excretes, and which is then stored in your pancreas, so it’s ready anytime you need to digest foods.

But without enough bile and digestive juices, you can’t process your food properly. The result is undigested, lumpy bits of food that get pushed through, instead of a smooth liquid, as it should be.


Zone 2

Zone 2 is your liver, which is your BEST CHANCE for good digestion, detoxification and regular bowel movements. When your “liquid stew” (chyme) enters the opening of your intestines, your liver springs into action. Your liver plays a KEY role in good digestion because as your largest digestive gland, it delivers all the BILE you need to break down and metabolize food properly.

Without bile from your liver, you’re left with extra lumps of undigested food, leading to even more digestive problems.


Zone 3

Lastly, Zone 3 is your intestines. When waste gets to your colon, it’s too late. When you have weak digestion, it takes about 60 hours for food to travel through your system and pass out of your colon. Anything that’s left over in your intestines turns from green chyme to brown stool. How long feces sits in your colon depends on how well your stomach and liver have done their jobs.

The less well they’re working, the harder it is for your muscles to push this rotting waste and these toxins through your colon and out of your rectum.

Now that you understand how your digestive system really works, you can understand why …

Most Over-Hyped Digestion Products such as Probiotics, Fiber Drinks, Laxatives and Colon Cleansers Don’t Work!

They just don’t have the power to work in all 3 of your Digestion Zones.

This brings me to the singularly effective, safe, natural digestive formula Dyflogest®, which I feel confident in recommending to you. Dyflogest® is the advanced European digestive breakthrough that is not only proven in studies to solve the problem of poor digestion, but that also works in all 3 of your Digestion Zones. All of your worrisome concerns will disappear like magic.

But more IMPORTANTLY, unlike other digestion products — such as probiotics, fiber drinks, laxatives, colon cleansers and antacids — Dyflogest® addresses the REAL underlying problem that causes all your digestive problems, and that is … bile deficiency!

So not only are you missing out on the vital nutrients you need from your food, but once this fecal mess gets into your colon and stays there too long, it becomes toxic and may leak out into your bloodstream and cells, causing you serious health problems.

Your satisfaction with Dyflogest® is GUARANTEED, or it's FREE! Click on the button below to try it risk-free.

What Most Doctors
Don’t Tell You…


Toxins leak out… poisoning cells, blood and organs.

Doctors don’t tell you that TOXINS and rotting FECAL MATTER can leak out of your colon walls and seep into your bloodstream. When this toxic mess enters your bloodstream, it can poison your cells, tissues, blood and organs.

Here’s the dirty, rotten truth about what happens to your undigested food:

To put it quite simply, improperly digested food slowly ROTS as it moves through your body. It turns into PUTREFYING CLUMPS of waste, similar to rotting ground beef that’s been left unrefrigerated for 2 days. This putrefaction triggers gas, diarrhea and other foul reactions. These clumps can actually WEDGE themselves into the folds and crevices of your colon walls, making you constipated and crampy.

Your gut then becomes the perfect FEEDING and BREEDING GROUND for parasites, bad bacteria and disease micro-organisms that can ruin your health. So if you have any of these digestion problems, you can bet this could be happening to you now.

Simply put, poop stays inside of you longer than it should. This fecal waste becomes so solidified that it’s hard to have a bowel movement without much strain.

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You Can’t Ignore Your Liver’s Low Bile Production Any Longer…

Your liver is your own personal waste treatment plant. Its job is to clean up the garbage from everything you EAT, BREATHE in, or ABSORB through your skin.

Your liver works under extreme duress every day. That’s why it takes YEARS OF ABUSE before a bile deficiency becomes obvious. By the time symptoms show up, you have a major health problem to deal with. And it might be too late.

Some of the most common danger signs of low bile production, resulting in toxins in your stool are:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel
  • GERD
  • Acid Reflux
  • Gastritis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Flatulence
  • Alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • Leaky gut
  • Ulcers
  • Fecal Incontinence

Keep in mind, these are the early warning signs that your liver and colon are MALFUNCTIONING from a bile deficiency.

These signs should NEVER be ignored. They’re cries for help, and mean that your stomach and colon need more BILE. With Dyflogest®, you can get all 3 of your “Digestion Zones” working normally again and FAST.

Solving ALL your digestive problems can be as simple as producing MORE BILE in your body. But don’t be fooled: you can’t get more BILE from another supplement or foods. Only your own liver can produce bile naturally.

When your liver makes ENOUGH bile, 3 MAJOR things happen:

  1. Bile BREAKS DOWN your food, especially fats and meats.
  2. Bile STERILIZES your food before it moves into your intestines.
  3. Bile filters the TOXINS that can cause more health problems OUT of your body.

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The 300-Year-Old European Remedy: Dramatic Test Results for 8 Digestive Concerns

Dyflogest®, the digestion nutritional remedy which has been wildly popular with Eastern Europeans, has shocked scientists because of the formula's dramatic test results for these 8 digestive issues:


Unlike so many solutions on drugstore shelves and on the Internet, only Dyflogest® is:

In a specific region of Europe, which is known for food-loving people who indulge in heavy, rich and hard-to-digest meals, this digestion remedy is a household name!

While Americans “in the know” have been able to obtain Dyflogest® for decades, now, doctors and scientists have brought this advanced breakthrough to America so people like you, and countless others who suffer from nasty digestive concerns, can eat whatever they like, and still have excellent digestion, freedom from digestive concerns, and regular bowel movements without discomfort and straining.

Dyflogest® is based on a 300-year-old European remedy and decades of scientific research in America.

Try Dyflogest® risk-free.

Dyflogest®’s Breakthrough Ingredients Combat Your Digestive Problems in 3 Ways:

First, Dyflogest® supports the FLUSHING of YOUR COLON of BACKED-UP FECES by stimulating peristalsis, and relieving you of your worst digestive concerns in just days.

Second, it TRIGGERS your LIVER to make vital digestive juices — like the all-important bile — to break down food and fats in your stomach for easier bowel movements, less gas and indigestion.

Third, it STRENGTHENS ALL 3 DIGESTION ZONES so your concerns don’t keep coming back.

Now, you can throw away all of the other useless digestive remedies which don’t work. Simply take a couple of Dyflogest® pills 15 minutes before a meal, and you’ll notice that Dyflogest® works the very first time you take it.

Try Dyflogest® risk-free.

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The Black Radish Secret


After World War II, drugs were too expensive for many people in war-ravaged Eastern Europe. There was little money to pay for medicines, let alone develop new ones. Foods were very poor nutritionally, and with few fresh fruits or vegetables available, most people ate heavy meals made from starchy potatoes, breads, meats and cheeses.

As a result, they were commonly dealing with daily upset stomachs, constipation and diarrhea, and other digestive problems from their traditional hard-to-digest meals.

But fortunately, these people had a secret weapon. They turned to a 300-year-oldherbal recipe from the past to attack their digestive miseries at the source. Some call it “the Black Radish Secret,” which is the same core ingredient used today in Dyflogest®.


Like aspirin, this formula can be found in almost every household in Eastern Europe, because it really works!

The Black Radish is a large, pungent root crop that’s well known in Eastern Europe for its powerful digestive health properties. The secret lies beneath its black peel; the white flesh yields a very powerful extract. People have relied on it for centuries to support natural function responding to constipation, gas and irritable bowels.

Dyflogest® was formulated and perfected in America by a top immunologist and researcher, Dr. Mark Pasula, who was born in post-World War II Poland, where the Black Radish secret originated.

For decades, Dr. Pasula had been working with people with irritated bowels. When Western medicines failed to work for his American patients, he returned to his native Poland to perfect the Black Radish Secret and bring it back to America.

Like aspirin, this formula can be found in almost every household in Eastern Europe, because it really works!

So now you can experience the same digestion miracle that so many already have, with Dyflogest®. The amazing ingredients in Dyflogest® allow you to eat your favorite foods without suffering the digestive consequences afterward.

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Dyflogest® Study Results Reveal Astounding Results!

You’ll know how effective Dyflogest® is as soon as you start using it. You’ll be amazed at how much built-up fecal matter, and how many mucus-covered stools, toxins, and parasites that you never knew you had, will come out of your body, especially in the first few days. You’ll have to see it to believe the amount of rotting waste that was trapped inside your colon before using Dyflogest®!

You can expect to feel lighter, have a sense of well-being and newfound energy, see dark circles under your eyes disappearing, and feel your abdomen getting flatter.

In one study using the formula in Dyflogest®, researchers chose 56 patients with chronic digestive problems for a 3-month study. During the entire study, half of the patients stayed on their standard, non-altered diet, while the other half used Dyflogest®.

For everyone in the study, their most frequent and strongest symptoms were:

Results showed that the participants who used the Dyflogest® formula experienced significant improvement, and a major decrease in discomfort (both during and after supplementing with Dyflogest®), as compared with the participants who ate a similar diet, but didn’t use Dyflogest®.

Scientists were astounded that all their symptoms improved so much. The fact is, NOTHING works as well as Dyflogest®. Try Dyflogest® risk-free.

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Dyflogest®’s Proprietary Formula: 4 Stellar Ingredients

Dyflogest®’s secret is in its FOUR STELLAR INGREDIENTS, which are synergistically blended together in a proprietary formula that works in all 3 of your Digestion Zones.


Dyflogest® Ingredient No. 1: Black Radish

Black radish contains a phytochemical known to detoxify the liver. Its main digestive strength is that it stimulates your liver to produce more bile, and helps it flow more freely from your bile ducts to your stomach to neutralize excess stomach acid. Rich in fiber, it speeds up your digestion, relieving constipation and colon back-up. It also boosts your immune system.


Dyflogest® Ingredient No. 2: Artichoke

A component of the artichoke plant, called “Cynarin,” improves your liver and gallbladder functions by stimulating secretion of more digestive juices and bile. It also improves elimination.


Dyflogest® Ingredient No. 3: Artemisia

Also known as wormwood, artemisia helps keep your bowels clean by supporting the elimination of microbes. It’s like a repellent against unfriendly bacteria, and even some parasites such as hookworms and pinworms. Plus, it’s a useful remedy for liver and gallbladder.


Dyflogest® Ingredient No. 4: Peppermint

It relieves upset stomach, regulates the growth of certain bacteria, and soothes and relaxes muscles. High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, it also supplies fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Together, these 4 ingredients increase bile production, which in turn stimulates peristalsis, the wave-like muscular action in your large intestines and colon, which keeps toxic feces moving along at the right speed for regular bowel movements.

Remember, with Dyflogest®, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, which otherwise can lead to digestive disaster!

Rave Reviews about Dyflogest® from People Just like You:

AFTER A FEW DAYS … “Dyflogest® has really helped regulate my eliminations and my stomach bloating was completely gone after only a few days.” — Allison Castillo

AFTER A FEW WEEKS … “My concerns included severe lower GI cramping, constipation and diarrhea … The use of the Dyflogest® has resulted in a considerable improvement… Remarkable considering I have only been using Dyflogest® for a few weeks!” — B. S.

AND AFTER JUST THREE WEEKS … “I’ve been taking Dyflogest® about three weeks and have been very pleased. I’ve not used any antacids after meals. Best of all is that it works! Thank you so much for introducing me to Dyflogest®.” — Wesley Crowder

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Dyflogest® is 100% natural, safe and made to be used every day without any side effects. Here’s what Dyflogest® can do for you:


Dyflogest® was formulated and manufactured by our scrupulous scientists for highest quality. We’re confident in the quality and performance of Dyflogest® because we control how these botanicals are extracted. This ensures that you get the highest-potency formula containing the finest pharmaceutical-quality herbs.

Dyflogest® is produced in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) licensed facility in America. We use all top-of-the line equipment and follow the strict manufacturing standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Dyflogest® 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We make it simple for you. We know that Dyflogest® works, and we are so confident that it will satisfy you in every way that we offer our customers a 60-day money back guarantee! You need to be completely satisfied with Dyflogest® — if not, simply return any boxes (opened or unopened) to us and we’ll send you a full, 100% refund of the total cost of your initial order (less shipping & handling).

We want you to be happy… and to give Dyflogest® a try! It’s easy knowing it’s completely risk-free and guaranteed!

So go ahead and order now and get free shipping. You have nothing to lose!

Erica Greene
Managing Editor, The Journal of Natural Longevity

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N.P. from Naples Florida says … “Dyflogest® is by far the best product I have ever used. Most products claim a lot, but your product really delivers! I was having a lot of digestive problems. I was taking enzymes and other things, but I had discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and other bad things. This is truly a Godsend. Now I’m only taking one pill a day at dinner. I feel a huge difference, like my food is being digested and this is helping my whole body.”

Linda L. says … “I’m in sheer disbelief at the effectiveness of Dyflogest®. I‘ve been suffering from severe digestion and elimination issues for over a year. I researched nearly every possible natural remedy for improper digestion and elimination. But nothing made a difference until I tried your product. I’m naturally a skeptic and did not have high hopes for Dyflogest®. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and I’m amazed at the results. My body is finally able to digest again. I feel like I’m getting my life back.”

P. J. says … “My stomach problems are gone! I’ve tried other products but none have worked as well as Dyflogest®. Thank you.”

An anonymous customer says …“After taking Dyflogest® for two days I experienced dramatic changes. I began by taking 2 every day before bedtime. After the second day, I began having 3 or 4 bowel movements daily. The volume and length of each bowel movement was very large. After 1 month of 4 a day, my clothes became loose. I didn’t weigh myself before and after, but I do believe I’ve lost weight. I am very pleased with this product.”

Walter from Arkansas says …“I have horrible digestion after every meal. The bloating and belching seems to never stop, that is until I used Dyflogest® and find my digestion is even better, especially if I eat heavy foods such as red meat.”

Marsha from Grand Rapids, Michigan says … “In just a matter of days, I couldn’t believe it. My digestion has tremendously improved and I no longer rely on laxatives for elimination.”

My wife and I depend on it! I wanted to tell you just how much Dyflogest® has helped my wife and me. We’ve taken it for two years, and have come to depend on it for regularity.”

Another customer says…“I don’t suffer anymore! I’m 40 years old. And I went through surgery of my gallbladder four years ago. The discomfort I experienced before are gone now. I take Dyflogest® before eating and don’t have to worry that I’ll have bloating.”

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